Saturday, January 12, 2013

Maybelline New York eyestudio; gel eyeliner review

I recently bought a high end brand's eyeliner and it was absolute rubbish! I won't name the brand because I don't want to give negative reviews, but I feel like this just proves you don't need to spend a large amount to get good result. I seem to be constantly trying new eyeliners but I do have a few favourites. Maybelline New York's gel eyeliner being one of them.

Obviously with the glass jar and plastic lid it is quite durable! This means you can literally throw it into your bag if you're in a hurry - which I've actually done a number of times 

When I first got this eyeliner I only got Blackest Black. After I tried it I fell in love and went on and got Brown. Although I personally don't use Brown that frequently if I do decide to use brown eyeliner this is the one I use. 

I have also swatched both for you using different thicknesses. 

For all the swatches I used the brush that comes with the set. 

I also think that, considering they came free with the product, the brushes are quite decent. You can purchase better brushes in stores but I think you could hold off and use these. 

I, again, looked up the prices for the top 3 places that I have readers. 

UK: £4.99


Overall this gel liner is comparable to that of a high end product. It apply's easily, doesn't dry out and is smooth.  It also last for hours, no smudging. The brush was also a lovely surprise! I had low expectations but I gave it a go and I was happily proven wrong with its quality. So, if you are interested in trying gel liner for the first time or even adding to your collection I would highly reccommend the Maybelline New York gel liner!

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