Saturday, January 05, 2013

Chi Chi nudes palette; Review

Hello Everyone! 

For the longest time I have wanted to purchase the Urban Decay Naked palette. Except, in Australia, in order to get the Urban Decay palette it will cost you between $55-$70 (not including shipping). As I just graduated from high school you can probably imagine this is not in my budget right now..

Then, just before Christmas, I discovered the Chi Chi nudes palette and on Boxing Day I picked one up for only $15 at Target! I don't know if you've seen the Chi Chi Palette so I have put the Chi Chi palette and the Urban Decay palette side by side..

The similarity is crazy! So, I decided to review the Chi Chi Nudes palette for you so maybe you too can save a bit of money!

Firstly, the packaging is nothing special. Plastic and nothing much to it really.

I have also swatched each individual colour with both flash and no flash.





As you can see in the pictures above, some colours have a higher pigmentation then others. The pigmentation was actually quite a pleasant surprise for me, the lighter colours do seem a little on the sheer side but the darker colours are impressive! Obviously though, the lighter colours can be built up to increase intensity. As for consistency it does seem a little chalkier than some of the higher end brands but you get what you pay for I guess! (I didn't use any base for this, this would really help depending on the effect you are after.)

Overall, I think that for only $15 the end results are pretty good! I would definitely recommend this palette if, like me, you are wanting the Urban Decay Naked palette but your budget just won't allow it! 

This is my first review and I would so love to hear what you think! Tell me in the comments below?