Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Powder comparison; MAC / Rimmel London

MAC mineralize skin finish natural is very popular in the beauty world, and for good reason! I am huge MAC fan and I am in love with this powder but there is another powder, that also has a special place in my heart, that doesn't seem to get quite enough attention.  Rimmel  London's stay matte pressed powder. 

I have been watching YouTube videos and reading blogs for quite some time and it has quickly come to my attention that Rimmel just doesn't get enough recognition. So, I have decided to take it upon myself to show you how there is very little difference between these 2 products.


Obviously, the packaging is quite different. 

MAC has a more sturdy case that flips open whereas Rimmel has a plastic lid that comes completely off. (Excuse my close to empty packaging, I desperately need to repurchase my Rimmel) 


As with my last review, I took photos of the swatches with both flash and no flash. As you can see,  there is little to no difference between the two.
(Rimmel in '001 translucent' and MAC in Light) 

* MAC stays on the left, Rimmel London on the right 


I decided to also look up prices in a few different countries for each product. 
(I have included the top 3 countries who view my blog) 
MAC - £21 
RIMMEL- £3.99 
RIMMEL - $14.99
MAC - $29
RIMMEL - $4.99

The consistency for both powders is smooth and they are applied evenly with no troubles at all. They really do keep you matte all day! Whether you have oily skin, dry skin or even combination skin, I have used both powders on a number of people and I'm yet to find a skin type that both these powders don't suit. That alone  I find impressive! Powders for all skin types are hard to come by.

These 2 powders are, without a doubt, my top two out of my whole collection! To be honest I think the main difference between these 2 is the price and the hype. The MAC obviously being more expensive and more talked about. If you are just getting into makeup, or you simply want a cheaper alternative I would definitely recommend Rimmel London's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. If you can get past the brand names and all the hype, try this pressed powder! I highly recommend it! 

Again, thank you so much for reading my review / comparison! Let me know what you thought in the comments down below, or tell me if you have tried these products and if you agree or disagree!