Thursday, January 10, 2013

12 products, 12 months

I had this idea earlier, I'm not sure how it will work out but I'm going to try it anyway! I want to make a list of 12 products I've always wanted to try but never actually got around to it, then over the next 12 months I will buy 1 product a month. The idea is that I will do a review at the end of the month of that product and also cross it off my list!

I should probably warn you now that some of these products may be a little pricey.. Sorry.

In no particular order... Here goes nothing!

Revlon Lip Butter

I have wanted to try this as soon as I saw it in store! Then along came the reviews on both YouTube and Blogspot and I was sold. I need to try this. I just haven't yet. 

E.L.F brow kit

I haven't heard much about this product but E.L.F has recently started up an Australian website so now it is inexpensive and readily available! I also feel like it would be a good review to do as not many people have done one.. In fact I've not seen one. 

NARS laguna bronzer 

This one is quite obvious. Everyone and their grandmother raves about this product! So, obviously, I'll be super original and be jumping on that bandwagon! 

Benefit Mascara, they're real

I've heard both good and bad things about Benefit's mascara so naturally I want to try it for myself. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

From what I've heard this product is basically a more affordable MAC paintpot. As I am a fan of the Paintpot I have been wanting to try this!

Bobbi Brown gel liner

I use gel liner a lot so I like to try new ones but I am yet to try this one. I have heard such good reviews but I could never justify the price. It's things like this I think you need to just pay for and not turn back! 

MAC powder blush

I don't have a specific colour I feel like I need to have. I think I will just go to MAC and ask their opinion.  I genuinely just want to try their blush.

Crest 3d whitening strips 

I was considering getting my teeth professionally whitened but I decided to try and do it myself. A real gamble I know but oh well. Whitening strips! 

Body Shop makeup brushes

I recently tried one of my friends kabuki brush from the Body Shop and fell in love! That's all really, I just want to try more of their brushes. 

A vision board

I know this isn't exactly beauty related but I thought I should add this in to encourage myself. I have had a blank canvas on my wall for about 2 weeks now ready to be made into a vision board but I got lazy. Whoops. 

Rimmel stay glossy 

As I wear lipgloss almost everyday I always seem to find myself adding to my collection. I have wanted to try this for a while but for some reason I just haven't. 

Burt's Bees cuticle creme 

I am obsessed with my nails now I'm out of school. Because I went to a private school we weren't allowed any nailpolish at all so now I've graduated I paint my nails much more! This also means I use more polish remover. Not good. 

So, I hope you like this idea and maybe even decide to do your own! If you do let me know so I can see what products you chose! Also, if you have tried any of these products let me know what you thought, are they worth me trying at all?

Again, thank you for reading my silly little blog!