Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Everyone! 

I was nominated for this award almost a month ago by Haley and I have only just got around to doing it now. You should all go right now and follow her, she is amazing!

The Rules
1. Thank the ones who nominated you and make sure to add their link.
2. List 7 facts about yourself.
3. Choose 15 7 new bloggers to nominate.
4. Comment on their latest post, telling them you nominated them.

7 Facts about me 
1. I'm on a gap year saving to study 
2. I have no laptop at the moment and I'm using my Mums just because I wanted to make a blogpost
3. I once spent over $400 in one day, at one store just buying makeup 
4. I quit my last job because I wanted to focus on school, I wish I hadn't 
5. I once was seriously addicted to diet coke 
6. I'm one of those people who gets lost for words a lot, I sometimes don't reply to people simply because I don't know what to say - If I ever do that to you I'm sorry! 
7. I wasn't even going to start a blog and now I couldn't imagine not blogging

7 nominations

It was meant to be 15 nominations I know but I thought that 7 nominations would go much nicer with my 7 facts. I'll be getting a new laptop soon so I'll be posting a lot more frequently I promise.