Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 most worn MAC lipsticks

It seems to be a trend for me that I get inspired to make blog posts when people ask me random little question. For example, I was getting ready to go out to dinner the other night and my friend and I were getting ready together. She turned to me and asked, "which lipstick should I wear?"

This got me thinking, whenever I'm getting ready I always get a little overwhelmed with all the lipstick options and in the end I always seem to just go back to the same ones I always wear. So, I thought I'd share them with you! Rather than going through my whole collection, I would probably have a heart attack, I decided to just go with the brand I own the most of. MAC. So here are my top 5 most worn lipsticks from MAC!

In no particular order...

1. Creme Cup

This light pink is one of my favourites. It is also one of the first MAC lipsticks I purchased so it will always be special to me. I think what I like most about it is the fact that it is quite light and because I am so pale it's not an overpowering baby pink. 

2. Snob 

This is a colour I think everyone has. I think that's because anyone can wear it. Whether your tan or as pale as I am it's not too harsh and that's what makes it so universal! 

3. Angel

I think by now you've guessed I love pink. This lipstick is quite sheer compared to the others and I think thats why it makes my top 5 most worn. I like this mainly because it's sheer but not to the point where I may as well not wear it. 

4. Brave 

This is much darker than the others and this is probably more of a autumn / winter colour. I thought I should add this because I do wear it quite often in other months and just because I haven't now, in summer, doesn't mean it's not a most worn! The colour just suits anyone, amazing! 

5. Gaga 2

This is what I would call a "Bold Nude." It's not really a lipstick you could wear on its own or you would look like you have foundation on your lips. At first this actually scared me a little but now I love it! If you line your lips with pink and blend it out its a lot less concealer looking and actually goes well with anything! You could put on any lip liner as long as you blended it out! Unfortunately though this is actually a limited addition and I'm not sure you can get it anymore. Sorry. 

As you can tell I really enjoy my pinks and my neutrals. I would also like to add that just because these happen to be my most worn that doesn't make them my favourites. I love bright colours but day to day, because of where I live, it would look quite strange me wearing bright colours! This is a pity because I love brights!

What I love most about MAC lipsticks is the fact that there is such a wide range of colours with such an amazing formula! They stay on and they don't get that "cracked" look after only a few hours.

I would love to hear what your most worn lipsticks are! What brands do you love? Are you like me and stuck with basic colours because of where you live? Tell me in the comments below!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I love all the support I've been getting, it's so amazing!


P.S. I'm getting a new camera in the next 2 weeks so my photo quality will be so much better! Bear with me!