Monday, February 04, 2013

My Mascaras of the Moment

In my opinion mascara is very important! I guess this may apply to me more so than a lot of other girls as I am blonde and I have blonde eyelashes.. This means I tend to use a lot of different mascaras! I usually have a few favourites but these always change so I am now presenting you with my Mascaras of the Moment!

I have 2 mascaras I have been using for a few months, this is a big deal for me because I usually would have swapped and purchased new ones by now. Although they may be considered "old" in the beauty world I still adore them and use them almost everyday!

I should probably mention I layer my mascara. I like that full look you can only get by putting a ridiculous amount on! As or right now I am using Rimmel's Sexy Curves and Maybellines Falsies!

First things first! Here is my eye with no mascara! - I do however have eyeliner and shadow! 

Rimmel Sexy Curves 

This is the mascara I put on first. It makes my eyelashes super long but not as full as I would like. 

The wand at first is a little intimidating.. Maybe weird would be a better word actually. As in the name, it has curves. I have never seen a mascara want like this before but it grew on me. 

I find that because the wand is made of rubber compared to the usual "brush" material is extends the lashes rather than giving them much body. 

Maybellines Falsies 

Okay, I'm sorry for lacking originality. You've probably heard it all before.. This is the mascara I put on after the Sexy Curves! 

What I love about this mascara is the wand. It is slightly curved so it's easy to just brush it over your lashes and done!

This mascara makes my lashes look just amazing! Although it can be easy at times to overdo the "falsies affect."  It's just an easy product to apply and a all around great mascara!

AND FINALLY! This is what my eyes look like with both mascaras on! 

As always, prices for my top 3 countries of readers!

Rimmel - £8.19 
Maybelline - £7.99 

Rimmel - $17.95 
Maybelline - $19.95 
Rimmel - $6.47 
Maybelline - $5.94

Now I've shared my Mascaras of the Moment with you maybe you could tell me yours? Let me know in the comments below what mascaras you like and I'll give them a try! (If I haven't already)
I love talking to you all and it just makes my day! :)