Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nivea Lip Balm review

Hello Everyone!

As I've been spending a lot of time at home and I've not really gone out much this week I haven't been wearing much makeup. I have however been quite reliant on lip balm! 

Obviously I've always used lip balm but as it's summer here in Australia I've been using it a lot more. Mainly because lipstick just never lasts because I'm constantly sipping on water. What I'm struggling to say is I love lip balm and I want to rave about it! 

You may have actually tried this lip balm, it is very popular.
 Nivea Repair and Protection!

This is very much a thick lip balm. As soon as you put it on you know it's there. If you do apply a generous amount you can actually build up a decent shine which is always nice. 

I like this lip balm because I can be rather forgetful. By that I mean I won't remember to reapply lip balm until my lips are chapped and it's never fun. So, with this it will stay on for a decent amount of time which allows for my forgetful brain to register that I need to reapply! 
The packaging is also very nice. Just pull, twist and apply! I know that all lip products are usually like this but the size of the lid makes it harder to lose. I have actually lost a lot of lids in my time.. This is a nice change! 

I would also like to mention a second lip balm I would highly recommend! 
Baby Lips!

I actually have all of the baby lips range but these 2 are by far my favourite for summer! Protecting Berry and Soothing Cherry. These are much glossier and are flavoured, which you can probably tell by the names. I just love these as well! 

UK: 2.59AUSTRALIA: $3.39
USA: $2.49 
Baby Lips 
UK: -
USA: $3.99 

I'm sorry this post was a little boring but I have honestly just been obsessed with lip balm lately! Tell me in the comments below your favourite lip balms! Thank you so much for reading my silly little blog!