Friday, February 15, 2013

How to spend Valentine's Day alone!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!
This year, again, I don't have a Valentine and I'm just in my room alone.. So why not share with you my top 5 things to do alone on Valentine's day! - In no particular order -

1. Watch films and/or tv shows and eat lots of sweets!
This is just a classic thing to do really. I would probably do this any day but Valentine's Day can be incorporated into this. Maybe watch some romantic comedies or just plain heart wrenching sad films? I don't know, make it your own!

2. Go out with friends!
If option 1 isn't really your cup of tea maybe get together with some other single friends and just go out and enjoy being single!

3. Write letters to the people who you love!
Who doesn't love getting a letter?
Valentine's Day is a day all about love, so what better way to spend it than telling people! Hey, I love you!

4. Make a new playlist and sing! 
I don't know about you but no matter what if I sing I feel pretty happy! So make a new playlist of all your favourite songs and sing until your hearts content!

5. Blog! 
Obviously this would be on my list! If you don't know what to blog about even just reading blogs is always fun! You could even write some ideas for Valentine's Day!

This is just a few ideas but there are so many more!
What did you do on Valentine's Day? I'd love to know! I really just hope you all had an amazing day, no matter what you did!
Today is about love, so love the day. Do whatever makes you happy and just enjoy life!

Happy Valentine's Day!