Sunday, March 03, 2013

Why I was a weird kid

Hello Everyone! 

I should probably let you all know that I kind of stole this post idea from another blogger, Faye Bea, who you should definitely check out because her blog is amazing! Basically this is about reasons I was a weird kid, stories and just things I used to do. This may be a long one...

1. I could never differentiate face from fiction. I believed whole heartedly anything I saw and anything anyone told me all the time. I remember after watching Mary Poppins one day I convinced my friend to help me onto the roof of our house so I could jump off it as I believed all umbrellas gave you the ability to fly. Luckily my friend said it was too dangerous so I settled for our 6ft fence.. Turns out I couldn't fly. 

2. I started every sentence with "actually" it was as if I was constantly trying to prove a point. For example, my Mum would ask me if I wanted juice and I would say, "actually, I want apple juice." Actually little Georgia, you make no sense. 

3. I would sing all the time. I would sing when I was happy, sad, angry or anything, it was constant. When we moved house we had a huge yard and we threw a party. I obviously volunteered to sing for everyone and it went quite well. Although, my singing career soon ended when my Mum got sick of it and told me I was a terrible singer. Thanks Mum. (I still sing all the time though) 

4. I could convince my friends to do or believe just about anything I wanted them to. My best friend actually lived next door to me when I was younger and one week we had family friends staying over. 
My best friend and I were close with their daughter and decided to convince her I was a witch. This basically meant if she didn't do exactly what I told her to I would cast a spell on her. We had her climbing trees, jumping off swingsets and eating awful things. Although this was put to a stop when she started crying and our parents found. Sorry Paige. 

PAIGE - left
ME - right 

5. I always wanted a baby sister and finally when I was 5 my parents had another baby girl. Now, I loved my sister until I realised I now had to share my Mum with her. I used to have a baby doll but in my little 6 year old brain it seemed more appropriate to use my sister. So, I would put her in my dolls stroller and I would lock her in. One of my favourite games was playing Mums and Dads at pre school so having my very own baby was just like at home practice to me.

Those are my sisters feet sticking out the end there... 
6. I was terrified of Kangaroos. This may seem silly but still to this day I don't like kangaroos that much.. The first time I remember being proper afraid is when my family and I went to the zoo. I must have been no older than 7, and as soon as we stepped into the kangaroo enclosure I would do just about anything to get as far away from them as possible. I do recall actually climbing up my sisters stroller and onto my Mum. I then cried until we left.
Actually I was afraid of a lot of silly things but who's got the time?

So, now you know how much of a weirdo I was I'll give you some time before I make a post like this again. I've been sick for the past week and a half so I've been avoiding any posts that involves having to take a picture of myself. In the next few days I'll have my February edition of 12 products 12 months posts!
Sorry I've been so absent! It's back to normal as of now, thanks for sticking around!

Oh, so I guess as this is a tag I tag you! If you're reading this you're tagged! Or you can just tell me one reason you were a weird kid in the comments below, maybe make me feel a little less weird...


Sorry I couldn't find a picture to match each of the stories, I tried to find some of when I was around the same age-ish... If you liked this post, I'll make a part 2 at some point :)